reactor site
The Double Chooz experiment, which will be performed at a commercial nuclear power station near the border between France and Belgium, will search for the last unmeasured angle of the neutrino mixing matrix with an order-of-magnitude better precision than previous experiments. A nonzero value for this mixing angle would open the possibility of searching for CP violation in neutrino oscillations.

The experiment includes two identical detectors, one 400 m from the reactor cores and another 1100 m from the reactor cores. Data taking with the 1100 m ("FAR") detector began in January 2011. Construction of the "NEAR" detector will be completed in 2014. The experiment's first results using the far detector data were reported in arxiv:1112.6353, now published in PRL. Our must recent 2014 publications are arxiv:1406.7763 and arxiv:1407.6913, both accepted for publication in JHEP.
Updated: September 2014